NJIT's Leading YWCC Club



To be considered an active member of ACM all you have to do is come regularly to our general body meetings! Being an active member gives you a few perks including the ability to run for e-board, and to vote in elections. You can also be a part of ACM by coming to our office or volunteering at/going to our many events. NOTE: To use ACM's online resources, you must sign up for ACM's National Membership. Being a member of ACM National costs a yearly fee and provides you with many professional resources. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PART OF ACM NATIONAL TO BE PART OF OUR BRANCH.
General body meetings are a place for us to share club news and to help members better get to know each other. Each meeting will largely consist of us sharing events run by us or our partner organizations. Afterwards we sometimes run computer science related discussions or challenges to do before the meeting officially ends. At this point members can talk amongst themselves or with the e-board if they wish to stay. These meetings are also the way we determine active members, who will be eligible to run for e-board or vote
Our meetings are currently held every Friday at 12 pm in GITC 3600. You can join our Highlander Hub or our Discord to be notified when general body meetings happen, or other important events.

If you happen to miss a meeting, we keep all our meeting slides for the semester in a channel on our discord for anyone to download and view.
Just be courteous. While there is an official set of rules in the office, most of it comes down to common sense behavior, such as not being too loud, or to not touch anyone else's belongings without their permission. On that note we have 24/7 video surveilance in the office, so if anything is moved without permission, stolen or you break a rule when an e-board member isn't there, we will know who did it.
Any e-board member will be happy to help! You can come to our office at GITC 3704 anytime to find us, or you can ask your question through email (acm@njit.edu) or on our Discord.