Meet Our Eboard

Below is a list of our current-acting EBoard members and their positions. EBoard elections are held every fall semester. In order to be qualified to vote, you must attend at least one-half of our meetings throughout the semester.

To meet with one of our Eboard members, stop by our office (GITC 3700) during their office hours.



The President of ACM is responsible for leading the club. You'll see them take center stage during our general body meetings with a gavel passed down through generations of Presidents. The President presides over all functions of the club, with all other eboard officers reporting directly to and being managed by them.

About The Current President

Hi I'm Will. I've been in ACM for two years. I like Glaceon, Melee, and Anime. Feel free to contact me if you want to collab with ACM or just chat.


The Vice-President of ACM the second in command in the organization. They work directly alongside the President and take over for them if need be. They are also responsible for handling all tutoring done by ACM.

About The Current Vice-President

Hi I'm Anthony, the tutoring guy (It's Happening!) and the Authority on Creating Misnomers. I'm a CS/Math major who likes to play D&D and make art. Feel free to stop by the ACM office during my office hours if you have any questions about tutoring.


ACM's secretary managed all our out-of-school connections. They talk to outside organizations for the purposes of planning events and gathering sponsors.

About The Current Secretary

Hello! My name is Ananya Tyagi and I am a Computer Science major in the NJIT Albert Dorman Honors College! I am someone who is loyal, outgoing, and career oriented. I always push myself to have new experiences which almost always results in lasting memories.


ACM's treasurer manages the club's budget and finances. They are responsible for procuring funding and overseeing the spending of that funding. It's thanks to them that we're able to support our SIGs financially, fund large-scale events, and buy computer parts for the office.

About The Current Treasurer

I'm Logan, a sophomore CS major. I am the current treasurer for the Society of Musical Arts in addition to ACM. In my free time, I like to play games, sleep, read, and watch anime.

Graphic Designer

ACM's Graphic Designer oversees the creation of all promotional material and other art-work for the club, including SIG posters, social media posts, and event fliers. We have them to thank for much of our most iconic imagery, including the club logo and it's many variations.

About The Current Graphic Designer

Hi! I'm Kapila (call me Cup if you'd like) and I'm a sophomore human-computer interaction (HCI) major. This is my second term as a graphic designer at ACM, and sure, you can say it's my passion. I also love tinkering: from cosplay props such as Yoru's mask from Valorant + Mistsplitter from Genshin Impact, to woodworking (D&D dice boxes and boards). Hope to see you around!


The Webmaster of ACM is responsible for building and maintaining ACM's websites, namely this ACM site, the Hacknjit site, and the JerseyCTF site. The websites are built in golang, vue, and bootstrap and can be viewed on our github.

About The Current Webmaster

Oh, hey. I'm Abdullah and I am a freshman CS/Math dual major. In my free time I play DnD and read sci-fi novels. If you want to learn more about web development, or just want to talk (perferably about Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run).

Event Master

The event master is responsible for managing ACM's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and is in charge of minor events. Organizations should feel free to reach out for collaboration!

About The Current Event Master

Hey, I'm Priya! I am a first year Computer Science major with an interest in bioinformatics! I like to watch anime, learn k-pop dances, and crochet! I am always looking forward to meeting new people, so feel free to swing by and say hi :)